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So we live, with great emotion, the great feast of BAR AND DRINKS, held in Franks Bar, where awards were given in several industry categories bars and drinks, celebrate every award like himself, with much joy and good energy very well given and well deserved each, a great recognition to the daily effort
A great event with excellence, category and organization director Regnier Gastòn BAR AND DRINKS .A great and unforgettable night !!

BAR AND DRINKS, publication par excellence addressing Argentina like no other in the fantasy world of bars, bartenders, cocktail and spirits; in its 15th Anniversary organized a special event delivering its 14th Awards Edition. The awards began in 2001 with the highest distinction granted exclusivity to professionals Bar and Beverage Industry in the country. Through 13 editions, it has been known to reward the masters concerning the Argentina cocktail in the golden age of the years '50s-'60s: SANTIAGO "Pichin" Policastro (the most important bartender history in Latin America) and Eugenio Rodolfo San Gallo; as well as new generations since 2001, for which these awards have been a real push to their careers, gaining market recognition evident.

In its 14th edition, BAR AND DRINKS Award for Best of the Year 2014 in 15 different categories, as well it will deliver 15 Mentions brands and personalities in these 15 years in the market of bars and drinks, including journalists from media mass media have contributed to enhance the culture of good drinking.
Several of the items in this 14th edition are unpublished. Other new categories within the theme of the Bar and drinks, the magazine decided to reward bartenders of the most important places within industry: Cordoba, Mendoza, Santa Fe and Buenos Aires.


The publication celebrating their anniversary No. 15, is the only magazine dedicated to the world of the Bar and the culture of good drinking throughout Latin America. Founded and directed by Gaston REGNIER (journalist by profession, a consultant specializing in beverages, undisputed benchmark Bar Industry and editorial authority in the region), BAR AND DRINKS Magazine hit the streets in Buenos Aires on February 1 2000 . Having released so far 51 editions since 2010 each address a country, a destination in depth to know the culture of bars and drinks, directly visiting distilleries, breweries and production facilities worldwide. . Working together with Lic Juan Manuel Pineiro, they are offering their expertise to major beverage companies in communication and strategic development since 2001. Gastón Regnier has organized more than 60 events aimed at professionals in the bar; has been and is jury bartending competitions in different countries; created the term "High Cocktail" in October 2003, widely spread throughout the Hispanic world on a massive scale; and he has managed to air their own television show "TV and Drinks Bar" in 2011 and 2012. Much of its contents are available on the web and digital editions of magazines such as paper out, source of consultation for 15 years throughout Latin America. BAR AND DRINKS is available on newsstands in Buenos Aires and direct subscription to the whole country: - Bar and Drinks

More pics you can see in the web page :
Mariana Bergutz Fotografia & Comunicaciòn

1) BAR OF THE YEAR: Frank's.

2) Best Hotel Bar: Library Lounge (Hotel Faena).

3) BEST BAR: Verne Club.

4) BEST BARTENDER COUNTRY: Matthias Granata (Franks, former Pony Line).

5) BARTENDER REVELATION: Emilio Bruno (Isabel).

6) BEST TEAM Bartenders: Frank's.

7) BEST COCKTAIL LETTER: Doppelganger.


9) BEST BARTENDER OF THE PROVINCE OF SANTA FE: Mario Verbena (Rolling Road bar, Rosario).


11) BEST BARTENDER OF THE PROVINCE OF BUENOS AIRES: Rodrigo Gómez Peña "Popi" (Korova, Olivos).

12) BEST COCKTAIL COMPETITION 2014: Tia Maria Bartender Challenge.

13) BEST RESTAURANT-BAR MANAGER: Mariano Duran (The Parolaccia, La Bistecca).

14) EXECUTIVE BEST COMPANY OF ALCOHOL: Jean Del Pino (marketing manager Pernod Ricard Argentina).

15) LAUNCH OF NATIONAL SPIRIT: Golden Age premium liquors.


1) SEBASTIAN MOUNIER (Bodega Three blazons, current distributor DBA) for his career in the liquor market these 15 years.

2) CARLOS QUIRINO (distributor Quirino) for its long history and leadership in the distribution of beverages.

3) SEBASTIAN NAZABAL (Pernod Ricard Argentina) for his career and served as Brand Ambassador drink these 15 years.

4) EMILIO FISHING (Cia. Premier) for his career in the import of spirits these 15 years.

5) FABIAN ALVAREZ (Vierci, Distell, KWV Wines current) for his career in the importation of alcoholic beverages these 15 years.

6) RUBÉN rasente (Dellepiane Spirits) for his career as Master Distiller in the production of alcoholic beverages.

7) JORGE Grispi (Fernet Branca) for his great experience in large companies alcohol.

8) CLAUDIO MESSINA (J.Llorente, Pernod Ricard, Campari) for his career in the marketing of alcoholic beverages these 15 years.

9) Martin Rodriguez LEHMANN (South drinks) in recognition of his entrepreneurial spirit in the beverage industry the last 15 years.

10) SERGIO Bruzzoni (Bruzzoni Promotions) for his career in the distribution and promotion of drinks in the on-premise channel.

11) FABIÁN COUTO (Radio Rock & Pop, Current Oil Guide) for his career in the food journalism and its contribution to the culture of good drinking.

12) Santiago "Pichin" Policastro (delivered to your granddaughter Lauren Brown, Barbados) in recognition for Best Latin Barman of the whole story.

13) RICARDO MARINONI (President AMBA - Association of barmen), for its long history and contribution to the cocktail.

14) FEDERICO CUCO (Verne Club bar) for his contribution to the cocktail.

15) RICARDO GUERRERO (Chile, president of the association ACEBACH, regional ambassador William Grant's & Sons) for his contribution to the cocktail in Latin America.

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